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Online booking, Hotel Claudius****
Hotel Claudius**** - Our hotel expects guests in 97 rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped by phone, TV and minibar.

Online booking

Selection of rooms, prices
Please select a room and enter the exact number of guests for the calculation.
Enter personal data
Please fill in Your details for the booking!
Checking the data, send
Please check the data, if everything is ok, send us Your reservation!

Unfortunately there are days in the period when we do not have free rooms or exact prices available. Please change the date or send us your request and we give you our offer!

A keresett időszakban elérhető csomagajánlatok

Half-price offer
3 days/ 2nights2 nights accomodationabundant buffet breakfastunlimited use of fitness services, sauna and Internet (WiFi)Two – course halfboard
from 61 000 HUF / 2 persons / 2 nights
Buy two, get three!
4 days/ 3 nights3 nights accomodationabundant buffet breakfastunlimited use of fitness services, sauna and Internet (WiFi)Just in case of booking for 3 nights at least!
from 59 000 HUF / 2 persons / 3 nights
Reservation data
Arrival: 19 November 2019
Departure: 20 November 2019
Nights: 1 night
Information of online booking
Our colleague sends you the confirmation

Your reservation is not automatic. Our colleague checks and confirms the booking. The confirmation will be sent to you within 2 hours. Please print the confirmation and bring it with you!