Hotel Claudius**** - Our hotel expects guests in 97 rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped by phone, TV and minibar.

Hotel Claudius


Hotel Claudius**** established by the Romans 2000 years ago awaits its guests in Szombathely.

Our hotel is situated on the most wondeful greenbelt of the city with a great view of the Boating Lake. The building, renovated in 2004, is surrounded by a lot of entertainment facilities, such as the adventure bath, the indoor swimming pool or the children’s favourite, one of the biggest playground comlpexes of Central Europe, the so called „Adventure Park”. Tourists and businessmen visiting the „Queen of West” can admire the Cathedral and Main Square built in baroque style and located within walking distance of our hotel.

Our air-conditioned and well-equipped conference hall – with a capacity of seating 200 people – and the 4 meeting rooms of different size offer an ideal place for organising both larger conferences, balls and weddings or smaller gatherings for friends and families.

The unique menu card of our restaurant provides a great choice of traditional Hungarian dishes and other specialities to whet different appetities, accompanied by the best Hungarian wines, a broad variety of famous Hungarian „pálinkas” (fruit brandy) and complete with a highly professional staff. If you prefer vegeterian or dietary dishes, you don’t need to worry, because all individual wishes are fulfilled by our highly-appreciated chef provided he is informed of these wishes beforehand.

We do hope that our clients will return from Hotel Claudius**** greatly satisfied with our hospitability and reliability and will enhance our good reputation.

Our eponym

Tiberius Claudius Ceasar Augustus Germanicus, better known as Emperor Claudius, was born on 1 August 10 B.C. in the region of Lyon, so he was the first emperor in Roman history who was born outside Italy.

He was first elected consul in 37 A.D.. Just 4 years later, in 41 A.D., he became the leader of the Roman Empire in quite unprdeictably. Following the murder of his ancestor, Emperor Caligula, he was elected the fourth Emperor of Rome ont hat very day.

Despite the fact that he was not well-versed in politics, he controlled the empire well and launched several important constructions. Since he was a learned leader, he also proved to be an excellent organizer. He established the basis for the Empire’s public administration, he employed and paid trained clercks. Most of his employess were liberated slaves. He established the emperor’s treasury, the so called „fiscus”, responsible for the financial control and supply. He was interested in law and legislation, he often presided over trials.

During the reign of Claudius, the Roman Empire conquered new provinces, the most important of which was Britain in 43 A.D., but he also attached Judea, Trachea and Mauretania to the Empire.

Claudius won the trust of the people with colorful gladiator fights and free food. A great artifical lake was dug at his order in Circus Maximus of Rome, where thousands of slaves were fighting for their lives on board of ships and barks.

His fate was sealed by his fourth wife - Agrippina – who had him poisoned on 13 October 54 A.D. in order to bring her son, Nero, into power.

Only a handful of people may know but according to the legend II. Claudius prohibited marriages and engagements in Rome when he failed to conscript enough soldiers in his army. However, there lived a priest called Valentine in the city, who secretly married the couples. When te emperor got to know it, Valentine was sent to prison, where he died on 14 February. His memory has lived on as a symbol of love and devotion.

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