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Interesting pieces of our town’s history

Did you know that…

…the town of Szombathely was established by the Roman Emperor Claudius 43 AD and it is the only place in Hungary inhabited continuously for 2000 years?

…St. Quirinus Bishop of Siscia (Croatia) died here as a martyr in 303 and St. Martin (316-397), the Bishop of Tours (France)was born in our town?

…Mediaeval legend has it that the inhabitants of Szombathely fleeing from the Huns were the founders of Venice?

…one of the most important trading lines in ancient times, the Amber Road connecting the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea, ran across Szombathely?

…there were several fire raged in Szombathely, the most disastrous of which was on 3 May, in 1716 also depicted on the St. Florian altar-piece in the Franciscan Church?

…Maria Theresa established the Szombathely episcopacy as part of her church reforms in 1777. The town had a leading role once again and thanks to the first bishop – Janos Szily – the baroque town centre wass soon bulit.
His partner in these construction works was Menyhért Hefele, whose plans served as the basis for today’s town centre?

…during the war of independence in 1848, the general assembly of Szombathely announced a petition including 16 points. Since the locals than couldn’t have heard of the petition inculing 12 points proclaimed in Budapest, Szombathely was the first town in the country, which demonstrates her belief in liberal democracy?

…the railway station is more than a 100 years old and its erves the passengers in its original Noveau-eclectic style built to copy the then fashionable moniumental stations of other big towns?

…about 300 people died during the bomb attacks in March 1945 and 70% of the building were either partly destroyed or perished completely?

…to improve the locals’ morale there were grandiose festivals and sport programmes organised in the 1960’s and 1970’s (e.g. Savaria Carnival, Savaria Dance Contest), which have become traditions since then?

…Szombathely – along with Győr is one of the region’s leading towns in terms economic, trading, and cultural output, Translated into GDP figures, Szombathely belongs to the top Hungarian towns.

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